UDF12 F160W and F125W Data Release

The UDF12 project is committed to providing timely, quality data products to enable the entire astronomical community to conduct science programs in the Hubble Ultra Deep Field.  We would like to announce the first official data release of processed, full-depth, science-ready images from the UDF12 project!
In our first data release, we provide a full-depth F160W image (84 orbits total exposure) incorporating the new UDF12 imaging and previous observations in the UDF (HUDF09 HST Program ID 11563, PI: G. Illingworth; Program ID 12099, PI: A. Riess; CANDELS, Program ID 12060,12061,12062, PIs: S. Faber, H. Ferguson). This image enabled by the UDF12 observations is the deepest ever H-band image of the sky.  Additionally, to contribute a legacy data set for science in the UDF we have processed all existing F125W data and release a full-depth 39 orbit exposure image compiled from previous HUDF09, Reiss, and CANDELS observations.

We encourage the community to download these new F125W and F160W images from the UDF12 project.  To acquire the images, simply visit:


Please acknowledge the UDF12 project (HST Program ID 12498, PI: R. Ellis) and our observational overview paper (Koekemoer et al. 2012, arXiv:1212.1448) if you use data from our program.

Good hunting!